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Campion Consultancy offer a range of support services specifically tailored to meet the needs of schools & academies throughout London and the Home Counties

Ranking 'Campion Consultancy' in 5th position on Google UK did take quite a lot of research but it has paid off. The process of ranking right is slow from a business prospective but from an SEO point of view its the right way to do it. What is most remarkable about this achievement is that the main competitors name has the keyword embedded in their name and URL.

See Results of SEO stratergies yourself (*Note this will open a new window with the results showing in, the position has been stationary for quite a while now and as of 22/01/2018 it remains so but as with SEO it could move position anytime)

Due to recent changes in Google location algorithms, the result will change depending on your location. If you are outside the UK you should use this Chrome extension which allows you to override the HTML Geolocation in the browser. Then set the location to London, UK to see the actual ranking position.

*Don't forget to update your location at the bottom of the screen after the extension is activated.

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