Workshop Creations

Workshop Creations  - The Radiator Cover Company specialise in designing & manufacturing radiator covers.

WorkShop Creations create high quality custom built radiator covers. Hand crafted in a variety of designs and styles for all budgets. Made to measure for the perfect fit any home home.


Working with WorkShop Creations has been and is a privilege. Starting out creating a cost effective social media AI chat-bot to assist customer with product questions allowing the team to focus on their products, increasing orders to creating a innovative Website designed to look and work great across every device from smartphone, to tablet, laptop and desktop, giving great user experience.

We also custom built intuitive online Order Form which streamlines the order process from web to PDF and Excel formats for use on the workshop floor and deliveries. 

We continue to assist Workshop Creations in day-to-day with keeping the personal touch they wished to keep through there Social Media Platforms.