Identify loopholes on your website before hackers exploit them with keen insights

Business owners don’t always prioritize website security for two major reasons: time and effort. Without a solid security system in place, you’re leaving your site vulnerable to catastrophic threats.

What if you could get an entirely automated hacker’s perspective on your site’s security and gain actionable insights on how to fix potential security issues?

We help online businesses secure their website from security threats with intelligent website security monitoring.

Cyber Security Penetration Testing


While manual penetration testing takes about two to three weeks, we can with our security partner complete automated penetration testing in about two hours to two days. 

Once the security test is complete, we provide you with all the relevant security details, like security score, number of vulnerabilities, and classification based on severity.

You’ll also get the OWASP Top 10 indicators, a global standard for web security with tables and graphs that show the vulnerability trend of a particular site over time.

If you are serious about Website Security, Penetration Testing is a must. 

What Penatration Testing is NOT:

  1. A WAF (web application firewall) like Patchstack, Wordfence or Virusdie.
  2. A cleanup service if you are hacked like Wordfence or Virusdie.
  3. A malware scanning tool like Wordefence or Sucuri.

It is to identify and warn you of potential vunerabilities in your Website or App. All the tools in the list above will stop you from being hacked, clean up a hack, or report if you are hacked.

What we do is look for flaws before anyone uses them to attack you.

Prevention is better than a Cure!