Which Analytics Tool? We use Clicky

The capabilities of this platform are similar to Google Analytics. But we find Clicky has a better interface that makes interaction with the service much easier. Moreover, Clicky is able to build heat maps in a real-time.

Clicky offers real-time reporting and accurate data, and is also useful to pick up on fraudulent clicks on your PPC ads. Clicky is strong competitor when it comes to analytics for any website. It is so easy to use, more so than Google Analytics if you are a novice. You can always check the Analytics data so you can keep track of the progress, discrepancy or errors. You are even able to provide your own Analytics dashboard for your customers especially if you run an agency.

All new accounts automatically get a free 21 day trial of premium service, with access to all features and the ability to track up to 3 web sites and 1,000,000 daily page views (total, across all sites). You can upgrade any time during or after the trial.

Try Clicky out. .. you won’t be sorry.

Clicky Web Analytics