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Google Reviews

Create Google Review Link

You can share your short URL with customers from your Google My Business dashboard on your computer or the mobile app. Customers can…
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Make Your Own DEEP FAKE Videos

Deep Fake Tools – Make Your Own Deep Fake Videos

We are hearing a lot about “Deep Fake” in recent months but What is Deep Fake?  It is a technique for human image…
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Automatically Unfollow Instagram Users who don’t Follow You Back

Have you followed users on Instagram and realized they have not followed you back so now your follow/follower ratio is a bit skewed.…
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Update: This does not work as of 5th May 2020 due to backend changes on facebook There are times when you will want…
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ContactForm7 Multiple Files Uploading Feature

Multiple files uploading with Contact Form 7 How to make "Upload/Attach multiple files" feature with Contact Form 7 Wordpress plugin. You can see…
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Google-AdWords Free 75 25

Google Adwords Coupons

Google AdWords is advertising program works in conjunction with Google AdSense program for publishers. You may see some Adsense Ads popping up this…
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Automatically Unfollow Twitter Users who don’t Follow You Back

Have you followed users on Twitter and weren't bothered if they followed you back or not? That is until one day you look…
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Yahoo Pipes

Yahoo! A Yahoo Pipes Alternative

Who remembers & used "Yahoo Pipes"? Yahoo Pipes was a power web application used by the developers and programmers to manipulate, aggregate and…
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Prevent your Public Groups Displaying on Your Timeline

Hide your Public Groups and other information displaying on your timeline. You can access the feature by clicking the "More Button" below your Cover Photo.…
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Finding Phishing Webpages with MS Excel

Having seen a number of Phishing links on Facebook recently I decided to delve into it a little more. How Facebook allows these…
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