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Update: This does not work as of 5th May 2020 due to backend changes on facebook There are times when you will want…
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Facebook Applications – How vulnerable are you to Hacking?

In recent months and weeks we have all heard about systems been hacked but how vulnerable are you to hacking through Facebook? Do…
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Prevent your Public Groups Displaying on Your Timeline

Hide your Public Groups and other information displaying on your timeline. You can access the feature by clicking the "More Button" below your Cover Photo.…
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facebook phishing

Facebook Phishing Scams

Facebook Phishing Facebook phishing scammers want your personal and financial information. They want the login credentials for your Facebook and email accounts. They…
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Facebook – Delete All Messages iMacro

With recent updates (Jan 2017) to Facebook inbox, basically replaced by Messenger several useful hacks have become obsolete (at the time of this…
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Facebook Messenger Filters

  Facebook have rolled out the Messenger interface as a replacement for the loved message inbox. Although the latest design will feel familiar to those who use…
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Facebook Page Moderation

Cut down on inappropriate content on your page, you can add keywords that you'd like to block from appearing on your Page. If…
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Merge Facebook Pages

Every so often people ask me how they can merge two Facebook pages. If you have 2 Facebook Pages for the same thing,…
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Facebook Business Page – 2 Call-To-Action Buttons

  Recently some business owners noticed that other Facebook Business Pages had 2 Call-To-Action buttons where as their's only had one. This is noticeable when you view from…
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Facebook Advanced Search in Latest Posts

How to search in greater detail in Facebook's Latest Posts Facebook allows you search in somewhat advanced way using filters but will only apply those advanced…
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