Benefits of Regular Penetration Tests

Benefits of Regular Penetration Tests

How would you feel waking up one day and you find your website has been hacked? It can be so traumatizing and pretty costly for your business, especially if you’re into a sensitive industry like money and security.

The surest way to keeping your website watertight is by carrying out regular penetration tests.

It’s a practice that will give you insight and visibility into the world of security threats. Penetration tests will allow you to discover some of your website’s security gaps before a hacker exploits such vulnerabilities.

In this article, you learn several reasons why you need regular penetration tests.

You can identify and prioritize risks.

All risks are not the same; some will lead to more exposure while others have a long-term effect. Penetration tests will evaluate your website to check out any external, internal threats to your network security. With such, you get to determine the extent to which your network is exposed and the security controls that are necessary to protect the needs of your organization, people, and assets. When the risks have been prioritized, the organization can anticipate any potential risks and prevent malicious attacks.

Keep off hackers from infiltrating your systems.

Penetration tests are designed to perform the same tricks that a real-life hacker would perform to crack your system. It’s much like practicing a real-life hack. They allow you to be proactive in evaluating your entire IT infrastructure security. You get to uncover gaps in your safety, and you can remediate the shortcomings before an actual attack hits you.

Most of the attackers do it in stages; it may take days or months to penetrate. They will begin the attacks with the negligible ones and then advance until they get into your system. Therefore, with regular penetration tests, you’re able to discover any attempt as early as possible and counter such.

Confidence to stakeholders

Who wants to work with an organization whose network is compromised. One of the things that your organization’s clients are concerned with is the security of your systems. So you’ve to keep assuring them that your systems are watertight, and one of these ways is by conducting regular penetration testing.

With a continued security posture in your organization, you have a competitive advantage against others in the industry. In addition, it demonstrates to your clients and all stakeholders that information security and compliance are priorities in your organization and that your organization is in the business of proactively ensuring maximum protection.

Avoid data breaches

The cost of data breach recovery is too high to think of in the first place. The loss in sales, legal fees, customer protection programs, and discouraged customers- the list is endless. Such can cost your organization the last drop. Breaches have led to organizations’ closure, which is not something you’d want to think of. To stay on top of your security and prevent losses and brand reputation, you’ve to carry out regular penetration tests.

You can’t afford to delay any more; get a reliable security professional that will keep monitoring your website for any security threats. Of course, it comes at a cost, but that can’t be compared to the much you lose in case of a data breach if your system is hacked.

We help online businesses secure their website from security threats with intelligent website security monitoring.

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