Facebook Applications - How vulnerable are you to Hacking?

Facebook Applications – How vulnerable are you to Hacking?

In recent months and weeks we have all heard about systems been hacked but how vulnerable are you to hacking through Facebook?

Do you know how many Facebook applications have installed on our FB account?

Last time I checked I had 159 ..that’s a lot and I didn’t realise it and never gave a second thought to how safe are these.


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We all regularly receive app invitations from friends who constantly play Facebook games (I know its annoying and you just might accept it). You may want to install an app which does a particular thing for you.  And additionally you may install an Facebook application for easy access to another website or platforms…. Facebook Applications - How vulnerable are you to Hacking?

It’s nice to have fun and be practical, but simply don’t trust apps that you don’t know anything about.

Now imagine your Facebook account was hacked and what other websites or platforms your hacker will have access to via your Facebook account &Apps

On the other hand a rogue app could potentially open a back door and gain access to your Facebook account and take it over.

Be wise with Facebook Applications and be selective in the applications you install. Stick with applications from well known developers and software companies.

Check the permissions you have granted to Facebook applications currently installed.

You can access this list either by the privacy settings or account settings. Click the lock or the gears icon located in the top right corner of your Facebook page, or use this direct link https://facebook.com/settings?tab=applications

Clicking on the pencil icon on each app opens up a popup and tells you what data the app has access to.

And while your there why not delete apps you no longer use.

Facebook Applications - How vulnerable are you to Hacking?