Facebook Business Page – 2 Call-To-Action Buttons


Recently some business owners noticed that other Facebook Business Pages had 2 Call-To-Action buttons where as their’s only had one. This is noticeable when you view from the mobile app.

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The confusion or the misunderstanding that you is caused by whether you are viewing the page as an admin or not.

If you view your own Facebook page via the mobile app as:

  • a page admin you will see only 1 CTA button
  • a customer or non-admin will see the 2 CTA buttons

1-button  2-button


Technically speaking there is only 1 editable CTA button, the Message Button is standard. See here on how to add the editable call-to-action button

Additionally, the editable Call-To-Action button must be edited (add a function such as add website) for the 2 buttons to appear.

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It seems the 2 CTA buttons do not appear in the older versions of the Facebook App and/or the pages viewed on mobile browsers.

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