Fake Google Business Listings will adversely affect your SEO

It’s important to hire a reliable and trustworthy Search Engine Optimisation service. Here is one reason:

After doing some research for a local business I found that some competitors were using fake & spammy addresses to get ranked highly on Local SEO.  It’s not a good tactic and will have dire effects on the business listing and the SEO rankings in the long term due to penalties from Google. If you violate Google’s guidelines and they aren’t particularly very nice to people they catch doing it.


I don’t believe the businesses themselves are aware of these bad SEO strategies are been used as they do hire someone else to do there internet marketing & Search Engine Optimisation.  It’s the role of the SEO service you hire to avoid Google guideline violations, and you should ask the question and hire a reliable service.

Google is actively pulling listings & will be rolling out an updated algorithms in the near future to address these fake & spammy business addresses. Your wasting your money hiring dubious SEO Services.

You might rank well initially and pay up but its not going to last and your business listings and rankings will be adversely affected into the future.

So watch out!

You can report a listed fake business address yourself.