Multi-Route Optimiser with Stop Times

A client required a practical non-expensive route planner/optimizer which would optimise a list of addresses, plus the ability to add stop/service times for each address.

Not much to ask? However I did manage to create one with Google sheets with a combination of formulas and scripts.

It’s not pretty but works pretty well

Route Planner map


  • First location is used as “From”, last location is used as “To”, the rest is used as waypoints, which can be optimised.
  • Addresses must match on Google map platform, if your using a Google api to capture addresses on order or contact forms it won’t be an issue.
  • When you open the sheet or enter new addresses it will take a few minutes to optimise.
  • 2,500 free directions requests per day
  • Up to 23 waypoints allowed in each request
  • You must have a Google account, to copy the sheet to your Google Drive
  • Delete empty waypoints when exported to Google Maps

Route Planner

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If you find the Route Optimiser useful a donation would be nice to fund my daughters college fees

Multi-Route Optimiser with Stop Times