1 in 6 Irish SMEs have no Online Presence

Irish SME’s Missing Out

Research carried out by IEDR (IE Domain Registry) as part of the latest dot ie Digital Health Index, shows that 17% of SMEs have no website, social media account or any online presence.

The research undertaken by Ignite Research in April 2016, measured the health of 500 Irish SMEs’ online presence by analysing the number of digital assets (like websites, apps and social media accounts) owned by them.

The analysis showed that among those without a website, 55% said they had no intention of building a website in the near future, 60% of said there was “no need” to have a website within their industry, 35% said that they didn’t have enough time to build a website and 9% said they lacked expertise.
The report indicated that 74% of SMEs, the entirety of their revenue is generated completely offline.

Consumer Reactions

The research found that 3 in 4 consumers (75%) said that they were more likely to purchase from a business that is online. Eighty eight per cent said they make payments online (38% weekly), 84% bank online (75% weekly) and 84% shop online (26% weekly). 

90% of consumers go online to find out more about a business and the majority said they were annoyed when a business does not have an online presence.

79% said it was “frustrating” while 71% said it was “extremely frustrating”. 
Source: www.businessworld.ie