New Startup Online Presence

SEO for Start-ups & Small Businesses

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can be difficult if you are a new start-up. The majority of new start-ups know that SEO contributes to the success of online presence but understand what is involved or where to begin.

It can be very frustrating especially launching with a very limited budget.

If don’t have the budget to hire an experienced a SEO agency or consultant, then relax and follow these tips below until you can support the cost of professional help.


Get Your On-Site Optimization Completed

One of the most important search engine optimization factors for long-term success is the on-site optimization of the website. You’re putting yourself at a disadvantage from the start if you’re not paying proper attention to on-site optimization.

SEO is a marathon, not a sprint and can take time, so stick to the basics.

Social Signals (Social Media)

A start-up needs to create a strong social media footprint early on. Active social media accounts help the growth of the start-up along with providing a SEO benefit. Every share, re-tweet, like, mention, is referred to as a social signal. Social Signals are an important component of a successful SEO plan.

A social presence must never be neglected. A dormant social media account linked to your business website can have an adverse effect on your SEO strategy.

However, there is a marketing principal called the “80/20 Rule” you should be aware of so you don’t bore your audience

80% of the content you put out should be educational and interesting to your audience, but non-promotional. 20% of your content should be promotional: linking back to your website, talking about your specials or deals, or promoting new content you’ve published.

Think about it, have you liked Facebook page for example and just been bombarded with buy this buy that?… what do you do…you just leave or unfollow.