Serp Ranking Excel Spreadsheet

Search Engine Results Pages (SERP)

There are various types software and tools available in the market that allow search marketers to check their web page rankings on Google SERP (Search Engine Results Pages)

I created this spreadsheet a few years ago and still works perfectly which helps you get an overview where your website sits in search engine’s search results.

It also allows you to keep the history so you can track how you perform over time in SERP

  • Get the download link below
  • Enter your website’s name in cell B2
  • Enter your search terms in cells B4, C4, D4, and so on (as many as you like)
  • Click into the next available cell in Col A
  • Press Ctrl-Shift-U to refresh the results.

Note: You may need to enable Macros in Excel.

To update the spreadsheet with Rankings hit: Ctrl+Shift+U

serp ranking

Change Search Engine
It is setup for checking SERP, however if you need to change the search engine you need ‘Open the VBA Editor’ and change a little bit of code:

(Const GOOGLE_WEBSERVER = “search engine”)
To Open the VBA Editor in Excel in Windows hit Alt+F11 in Excel
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