Update: This does not work as of 5th May 2020 due to backend changes on facebook

There are times when you will want to ban someone from your business page. Problem is if they don’t like your page it does seem impossible!

It is not. It just requires a little ingenuity using Facebooks Graph API.

Follow the instructions in this video (below) and learn how you can ban people from Facebook pages preemptively.

A users numeric ID (which you will need) can be retrieved with “Find Your Facebook ID“.

If this does not work, using a PC … right-click the page or the profile, select view-source which open up a page full of code. Then search in that code for “profileid” using CTRL+F …that will also reveal the users ID amongst the code:


*Updated August 2019

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    • Nicole Boucher
    • January 22, 2020

    liked your page but didn’t unlock the video. I know how to block using the API but haven’t done it for awhile so I know I’m missing a step. can you please make the video available?

    • Removed the lock now…
      Must try fix that ☺️

    • no
    • January 19, 2020

    How do I view the “locked” content. I clicked the like and nothing happens.

    • Sorry, click the like button, then click it again to like our page

    • Lindsay
    • December 1, 2019

    That would be lovely, Neil. I have run out of things to try. Do I use the or find you elsewhere? Thank you.

    • Hi Lindsay, info email is fine, I just sent you an email

    • Lindsay
    • December 1, 2019

    Hi again,

    I did try to find the user ID via and others like it, but the user’s settings seem to be blocking search engines. “Sorry, we could not find your Facebook numeric ID. The most common reason for this failure is that you need to temporarily allow search engine access to the public information on your profile page. To do this, go to your Facebook privacy settings page and allow search engines to link to your timeline.” So will this not work, no matter what I do? I did get the ID via other means, and Graph API Explorer says they don’t exist.

    • Hi Lindsay, want to email me the profile..I will have a look?

    • Lindsay
    • November 29, 2019

    Hi! I don’t know if you’re still monitoring this post. I just tried this, but am getting the error: “(33) this object does not exist or does not support this action” when I submit the user ID in the parameters. Is this because of something that has been updated since the video was made, or have I done something wrong? The user’s ID also seemed to be blocking search engines so I pulled it from their profile photo address, instead. Is it a setting of theirs? Thank you!

    • Still monitoring.. I do need the try replicate but it could be the ID.

      Try get the id number from here

    • Maggie
    • September 13, 2019

    Thanks for the very helpful video. I’ve followed it through but I’m stumped when I get to ‘Add parameter’. The only similar option I can see is ‘Add a Field’. Any advice would be appreciated.

    • Hi Maggie. Take parameter and field as the same thing.

    • Lisa
    • November 25, 2018

    I went through the steps above to block a couple of trolls from my business fb page who left inappropriate negative reviews. it appears I was successful in blocking/banning the users, but their reviews are still visible on the business’ page… help?!

    • Unfortunately it doesn’t remove the reviews. The best way to deal with them is report the reviews to FB. Generally it takes about 2 weeks to have the removed.

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