Facebook Groups: Cleaning out multiple Pending Posts

Removing multiple ‘Pending Posts’ – Facebook Groups

I recently took over a group which was inactive with no admin and 1000’s of pending posts. I wanted to start with a clean slate so the problem was deleting those 1000’s of pending posts. I wouldn’t have had time to do that one by one (Which Facebook only allows)

The solution was to automate the process and here is how to do it:

  • In your group, go to “Pending Posts”
  • Then on your keyboard click CTRL+SHIFT+J which open the JS console in DevTools
  • Download the JS script.

Get the script from the link below

Copy and paste the code into the Console window which is shown and hit enter and wait little until you see “true” appear under the code.



  • Then on your keyboard click CTRL+SHIFT+C and select the delete button on any pending post.
  • Expand the code that appear highlight in your DevTools
  • You will see some code which looks like this <i class=”img sp_Xjq38NxxuXo sx_360267“></i>


You are interested in the string at the end starting with sx_

  • Copy that piece of code and click into Console tab
  • Write this code,   $(“.sx_360267“).click()   replacing with your own sx_ code as above and hit enter
  • Posts will start to ready for deletion and show a pop up message for confirmation of their deletion.
  • Now confirm deletion of all posts by confirming it by entering the following code


Copy the above code and paste in Console tab and hit enter

All pending posts will be now be deleted. Repeat if required.

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