Visualize Your Data

Data Visualization

Data visualization enables you to understand vast amounts of information regarding operational and business data. It allows you to see connections between multi-dimensional data sets and provides new ways to interpret data.

This particular visualization of data (below) I created from a client’s Mailchimp account showing an overview of every single campaign run using Microsoft’s Power BI. Although it can can be confusing for beginners to understand, the Power BI cloud service is great for creating and sharing analytical dashboards.

Data Visual

Although Mailchimp does provide reports within certain packages it does not allow you to customize the reports in the same way or integrate other data.

Visualizing your data allows the data to be communicated with clarity which helps focus on data that is important. Therefore you can make better decisions. One of the greatest strengths of data visualization is how it brings actionable insights to the surface. Unlike one-dimensional tables and charts that can only be viewed, data visualization enables you to interact with data.

Contact me if you need help with your data building a report I would be delighted to assist.

Real-Time Analytical DashBoards

Additionally RealSocialSEO offers Real-Time Analytical Dashboards which is a cloud service allowing you to easily monitor and share all of your business data from one single screen in real-time. By using real-time data visualization,  you can view up-to-date sales figures and see why certain sedans are under-performing or the reasons that sales maybe lagging.

We can pull data from your spreadsheets & popular services like Google and Salesforce, tracking number of new sign ups, downloads, subscriptions, and other related KPIs in real-time keeping tabs on business expenses, company revenue, customer invoices, balances, and much more.