PokemonGO Desktop Map





You can now add a Live PokemonGo Map to your Laptop / PC thanks to Mike Christopher at GitHub.

Why use PokemonGo Maps?

What Mike has created is a Pokémon-tracking map to help players figure out which Pokémon can be found in their areas and elsewhere. I guess you can pretend to be working in the office while you track Pokemons.

There are a few issues but it should work for most. Mike is working hard to resolve the issues.

Java Issue: https://github.com/mchristopher/PokemonGo-DesktopMap/issues/500

pokemongo live map

How to Install PokemonGo Maps?

Download PokemonGo Maps

Go to the following website to download the install file for your operating system:


  • PokemonGoMap-Win.exe is the install file for Windows Operating Systems

You will also need to create a Google Maps API key in order to use the Google Maps.

Create Google Maps API Key

Go to this Google website to create the API, you may need to sign in with your Google account.


Simply select “Create new project” and click “continue”, be patient and follow instructions, and you will receive your API key

api project for pokemon





Good Luck Pokemon Hunting