Which Social Media Platforms Should I Use

Too often I see businesses using social media platforms which don’t actually target their audience. They get caught up in the next big thing on the social media front.

Some people may tell you, “you have to join this social media platform!” we get all our leads from it!” Okay, that’s great for them. But that doesn’t mean that it will work for your type of business & you don’t need to be there.

Who is telling you this? What kind of business do they have?

For example: If your target audience/customers is the older generation, don’t waste your time on trying to promote or build an audience on SnapChat.

Social Media

Determine your social media strategy by asking these questions. Don’t just join randomly without thought you may be wasting your energy.

Choose intentionally:

  • Where is my audience?
  • Where is my audience active?
  • Where is my audience searching?
  • What niche social media sites are right for me?

There are four social media platforms that rule. These sites are crucial, regardless of your audience, your business model, and your strategy.


Facebook has over 1.7 billion users. These users aren’t only browsing profiles or viewing photos. Each Facebook user is connected to an average of 80 pages, groups, or events.


Twitter is particularly good for building business networks, but it takes time and work. 85% of Twitter users “feel more connected” to a business after they follow them on Twitter. Great content from a brand on Twitter can elicit follows and re-tweets, but usually an existing customer will decide to follow a favorite brand.


LinkedIn is the platform for B2B marketing not B2C marketing. If you are B2B then don’t forget LinkedIn


Google+ may seem a tough one to crack, but you need to be on it and you need to be active (as with all social media platforms). You may not generate many followers in Ireland, but it helps SEO you are using Googles own platform (they like that). Build your profile, register your business in the business listings (www.google.com/business/)

Facebook Go Live

Do Not feel pressured to use Live streaming, its not for everyone. Again you maybe told you have to do it… no you don’t. Ask yourself how will it really benefit your business. It might be good if your into extreme sports. Some people are comfortable with it and it works for them & their business. Ask yourself how will it benefit you & your business?

If you do decide to try it…don’t take it too seriously & have fun. Here I created a button from the Facebook API to Go Live from your PC or laptop


You have a lot of work ahead of you to build on these platforms but simply by been active on social media you are seen by potential customers & you are indirectly boosting your SEO on your links to your business website. If you do need help check out my Social Media Management service.

If you start an account with any social media platform, particularly the above don’t let it become in-active or dormant. Dormant accounts with links to your website will affect your SEO the longer its in-active, if your not going to use your account then delete it.

Think about your social media strategy and what platforms are used by your audience, there’s lots of others from Instagram to Ello. Which are you going to spend your time on?